Friday, February 27, 2009

The story of a young and aspiring astronomer

This little boy's name is EJ, sometimes we call him Joops (that's what Rylie wants to call him all the time, she was the one who named him that too). Whenever Joops like something, he always take it with him in bed. Yesterday, he played with the binoculars the whole day and carried it on the bed. Mommy took it away from him when he was sound asleep already. Mommy didn't know that he will wake up in the middle of the night and look for it. Oh my, this little boy threw a feat for almost an hour, he cried and cried. so next time Mommy won't take anything away from him when he is sleeping...
So that was the adventure of an aspiring astronomer here in our abode hehehe..

they just love boiled eggs...

Almost everyday, my two angels would always ask me to biol them eggs. They love eating it, they don't like the egg yolk though, just the white part, so Mommy always ends up eating the yellow part.. See how seriously they are peeling off the skin, they don't want for me to do it either. "We have to peel it off by ourselves Mom" my daughter always say.
Geez... that's a lot of eggyolk I have to eat lol..