Monday, April 10, 2017

Music Workbooks for Teaching

If you are a professional musician, you probably supplement your income by teaching privately. You could be teaching an instrument, theory, or songwriting. Some people make a very good living doing this. You can too if you become a great teacher that both adults and kids want to learn from. 
Teaching is one of the most important things you can do as a musician. Without the people to help pass on the tradition to the next generation, music wouldn't be what it is today. Behind every great musician is a superb teacher that taught them the ins and outs of what it means to be great and how to always strive for more. Educating others about music can be just as rewarding as performing in many instances. Here are some tips to help you improve as a teacher so you can get the most out of both your students and yourself. 

- Continue to Perform - Many teachers get locked into teaching and ignore their performing career. This is understandable given the kind of living that can be made teaching private lessons, but you should still make every effort you can to play live. This will leave you more inspired to teach others because you are realizing the true joy of performing in public. 

- Personalize Lessons - Each student learns differently. This is as true with music as it is with any other topic. The best private lessons instructors make sure that each lesson is tailor-made to that particular student, making sure that each player gets the most out of each lesson. You want your clients to get their money's worth and this is the best way to do it. 

- Continue Your Own Studies - The best teachers are that way because they are students themselves. By constantly striving to learn and grow, you will remain both inspired and inspiring. Also, if your students see you practicing and trying to get better, they will take you more seriously as a teacher. Music is a lifelong pursuit and should be treated that way. Never take it for granted. There are countless music workbooks for teaching to take advantage of. 

Teaching private lessons shouldn't just be a side job that you use to make money. It should be yet another passion that you have within the discipline. Those that teach are some of the most important individuals in the tradition and are responsible for moving the tradition forward. If you aren't taking it seriously, you are doing a disservice to your students.