Monday, January 31, 2011

Red Berries

These small berries adds delight to  someone's eyes  when  all the plants from the garden are dead.  They shine so bright and  alive especially on the presence of snow.  
Unfortunately, this berries  does not eliminate my migraine headaches.  I have this excruciating  migraine headache since this morning  and it just won't leave me alone.  I do however  some task to finish so I am trying to blog  wahhh.

Musical Snow Globes

My FIL gave this snow globe to Ms. Burrito yesterday. She's so happy because both of them love Mickey Mouse show. 
This is from my FIL too, he gave this to my daughter when we were about to  transfer to our own home about 5 years ago.
So now  both  kids have snow globe at home from Pap.  Thanks Dad, you're the best!
This is my entry to Ms. Sally's Blue Monday. Thanks for  visiting and for leaving your thoughts  everyone.  Sorry, I wasn't able to visit today.  We had a company at home so I got busy.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flea Market Find

The photos  of the vase and glass flowers that I bought from the flea market is a delight for shadow shots!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Three Horses

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to drove by to Follansbee to visit my NIL, unfortunately they weren't there but we were rewarded by a view of the three horses at their neighbor's backyard hehe.
It looks so cold in there, good thing they have this thick piece of  clothing in their back (not sure what you call it).
Our burritos asked us to stay a little bit so they could  feast their eyes on these beauties.
Have a lovely snowy day everyone brrrr...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Building Memories

 Aside from coloring books, watching TV, and running around,  taking pictures is also one of our  favorite activity when we're at Dad's.
 Pictures were taken last Sunday after church.  Visiting my FIL  is a regular routine for us, my husband and I want to make sure that the kids will have  so many memories  while Dad is still here with us.
Mommy should have one pose too of course lol.

Mini Icicles

Last year, we had some huge icicles hanging in our roof line but this year we only have mini ones.
I thought of taking the pics on a different angle to give the look a twist.  What do you think?
Here's how it really looked like, the normal view.
Happy sky watching every one!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Love You!

 My darling burrito is very sweet.  She made a  heart shaped card  and handed it to me the other night.
Thank you so much anak for being so sweet and loving.  Mommy loves you very much too!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bonding with Pap

We always proceed  to my FIL's home every Sunday after attending church.
I hope that  Dad is not  getting tired of having us as we go there almost everyday.  The kids love their Pap so they want to see him everyday if possible.
Photos were taken last week.  Since the kids and FIL were wearing blue, this would be a perfect entry for Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday.

BB on Her Tummy

Bumble Bee can  hold her head up pretty well now when she is laying on her tummy.  She is growing up so fast, every week that she stays with us, I find it amazing that her clothes are getting smaller  each time.

Paper and Glue

 The two men in our household is like paper and glue.  Whenever hubby is at home, Mr. Burrito wouldn't stop   bugging him to play or wrestle with him.  Even when my husband is doing his push ups, Mr. Burrito would  ride on his back lol.  Strong hands for PhotoHunters.
My kids really love their Dad so much.  Sometimes I feel like they love their Dad more than me lol.  But it is okay and I am so proud of my hyusband for being such a loving father to them!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Newspaper Appearance

Good morning everyone, how are you? I just got done talking to one of my brothers back home. His wife just delivered their second baby, it's a girl. Congratulations bro! Anyhow, another good news to share is the newspaper clipping.
This is the front page on January 15, perfect timing for my son's birthday.  The  girl in stripe is our Ms. Burrito.  The rest are the  kindergarten and first grade students at our daughter's school who  did the Christmas play last year.  
My husband saw this on the school board  so he  asked Dad if he sees the paper with the above mentioned front page.  We missed to see this because it was Mr. Burrito's birthday so we didn't read the paper.  Thanks to Dad who have subscription  for the local newspaper.
 Let me share one of my daughter's favorite filipino refreshment/dessert... Halo Halo!
Whenever we go to the oriental store,  we always buy a bottle or two of the halo halo mix.  Good night everyone, I a now going to zzzzz!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Achievements of our Burritos

Ms. Burrito did not have classes today so we used the art stuff that my husband bought the other day.  Both of these burritos love  doing art stuff so we always have   materials like these ready at home  especially on winter when they are stuck inside the house.
The theme or topic this week at Mommy Moment is new achievement.  As for Ms. Burrito, she knows how to read now (not the very long word though) but she can read books in sentences  with simple words or short words.  She can also  count by five  up to a hundred.  Teaching Ms. Burrito is not so hard but it's the contrary to Mr. B.

With Mr. Burrito, it is hard for him to really focus on  what I am teaching him,.  He just want to be goofy all the time which frustrates me.  Doing arts is what he likes  plus he can recite   the alphabet (not complete lol).  He is becoming more independent though, he can now use the bathroom without our help.  He does however love reading time.
mommy moments

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sectional Set

The living room furniture that we have bought  five years ago is getting old and wore out.  Talk about  being abused  by so much jumping of two little ones.  My husband  said that we have to get a new set soon.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bumble Bee's Music Interest

 Our Bumble Bee is very interested in music.
 I let her play with this  motion censored  violin and she loved it.
 Bumble Bee is growing like a weed.  She was very small when she was born but now, she is getting bigger and prettier each day.
 This cutie is a regular companion at our home these days.
We love you BB.

Fun Everywhere

Kids can really have fun anywhere if you put them together.  During Mr. Burrito's birthday, the kids entertained themselves  with anything that they can play with.  They went to the basement, at the top of the bunk bed, in the living room, and even in the kitchen and dining area.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Edge

Have you guys seen the movie "The Edge"?
Hubby recorded this  in our  TV and we've watched it so many times already.  We love it.  I am quite short in digging up my archive for some watery  photos so I thought of taking one  from the movie we were watching  lol.  Here you go folks, Alec Baldwin  in the river somewhere in Alaska.  This is the scene when they killed Burt the bear.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kids Section

I transferred Rylie's arts and crafts table and chair at the corner of our dining room to give our living room more room for the guests during Mr. Burrito's birthday. The kids actually loved it there, everyone tried to sat there and did some scribbling and stuff.
Haley and  Ms. Burrito  enjoying their food.  Little Gracie joined them afterwards.
After eating,  they did some  drawing and stuff.  Below is with the celebrant.
Then Jake took over when Mr. Burrito left.
Glad the  kids had fun during the celebration.  The big kids  enjoyed playing at our basement.  Our hardwood fllor got tore up though from  the  bicycles and stuff wahh..

Sorry folks if I wasn't around much lately, I just have a lot of things going on around here.  Today was a holiday so Ms. Burrito did not have a classes.   I tried to  teach both of the burritos some lessons from the book that I bought in the store.  Ms. Burrito is doing pretty good with the first grader book while Mr. B's span of attention is very very short.  It frustrates me to teach him but I know that in time, he would focus eventually.    I just need more patience in teaching him.  

Thanks for visiting  guys and for leaving your thoughts all the time.