Sunday, February 22, 2009

What will happen if I....

Children's curiosity can lead to a scary accident. We bought our daughter a collection of beads on Valentine's day because she love making bracelets and necklaces out of it. While I was cleaning the dishes yesterday, my daughter was working on her bead jewelry. And hen a little bit later, she came to me and she kept sniffing. I asked her what's wrong and she said "nothing." So I continue with my chore, I felt that something was wrong with her because she continued to sniff like she has a cold. I asked her "Did you put something in your nose" and this time she started crying and told me "I stuck one of the beads in my nose and it's not coming out." Oh my God, I was so scared because the bead is a little big. I said "calm down" and I tried to tell her to blow it out but instead she was breathing it in. My son was taking a nap and I can't leave, so I called my husband so he could bring her to the hospital. She don't want to go because she was scared that the doctor will cut her nose open. Oh boy! Anyhow I convinced her to go finally. Do you see the bead on her palm? That's after they got out from the hospital. She showed it to me and said "I promise Mom, I won't stick anything on my nose ever again." I was happy because she learned her lesson. I am worried that the little bugger below will do the same so I put the beads up where they can't reach it.
Goodnight everyone, I'll visit you tomorrow! Thanks for visiting and commenting.