Friday, January 15, 2021

Pandemic Challenges

    Covid19 is such a pain in everyone's life.  It hinders so many things that people normally do.  I sure wish it's over already because  wearing mask in public places is really making my migraine worse.  During the months where my kids have to do cyber classes, I thought it would be easier since they don't have to go to school but it was  so hard for both of them especially to our son..  He started with a high A for his grade in Algebra but it slowly going downhill.
Aside from the online struggle, the kids also missed out on so many school activities.  Covid took out the fun for sure.  I am just glad that none of us got the virus.  I mean, we got sick when we went to DC for the March for Life but I don't think it was Covid.  I think we were too exhausted from the trip that my daughter and I did not feel great for a couple of days when we got back.
The good thing about their cyber school though is that, they don't have to get up early and they can do their lessons in their own desk or even in bed. My son's Chromebook was having issues so he had a hard time doing his homework. 
2020 was like a disaster, it wasn't a good memory for all of us.  I am just glad we survived it with having major sickness especially with my kids.