Thursday, November 11, 2010

Play Date

 I received a call from one of the Mommies in my daughter's class.  She asked me if our daughter could have a play date to her daughter.  I said yes, as my daughter has been asking me  about it too.
That was the first time that Rylie went to a play date, I was worried that she might act  different over at their house without my supervision.  But the Mom said, she was so good at their home.  Thanks Darla and Juliana for inviting Rylie over!

Sun Flower Seeds

 I asked my husband to picked the  sunflower  bunch from the tree.  I have to learn how to  roast it or I  can give it to the birds outside, am sure they would appreciate it.

EJ Supports Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is the time for us to thank all the brave men and women who fought  the enemies in order to preserve our freedom.  We salute all of you who served and continue to serve  in defending our  country!

Car Lovers

Both  Rylie and EJ love to play car toys.  Hubby and I  can already see that EJ would be a very cautious driver like his Dad and Rylie would be like me lol..

A Place called HOME

The family who invited Rylie over for a playdate  lives in a rich neighborhood.  I felt like I was in a big mansion when I came to fetch my daughter lol.  Her first word to us when  we arrived home is "Did you see how  big their house is?"  Me and hubby just looked at each other and smiled.  We told her that pour home might be small but we are still lucky to have a house we called HOME!

Christmas Play

Rylie is part of a Christmas Play in school this year.  She will be sing solo on their musical  presentation.  She brought home the lyrics and  has been practicing since.  Why is it that we Moms are the ones that gets nervous on this kind of events for our kids?


In  our seven years of marriage, we spent almost two years apart from each other, me in the Philippines and he was in Guam then.  He used to send me a monthly allowance and being the saver that I am, I managed to save enough to purchase a 120 sq meter lot for us.  We asked my mother if she would like her home to be built on the said lot but she chose  our place in Donsol which she regretted later on.  John financed the building of my Mom's house before I left.  

When I finally came here, we lived at my FIL's house for a year before  we bought our own.  We have been paying our mortgage for  more than four years but a couple of month's ago, we decided to refinance  because we were offered a lower interest rate by USAA.  Our former loan had 6.25% interest  but now we have  a 4.62% mortgage.  Now we are back to a 30-year loan wahhhh.  It's okay though because it saved us a lot from paying the interest.

We also paid off our car loan last year and eliminated some of the old credit card debts.  Sad to say we accumulated  new ones  lol..  

We send two of my siblings to school and also  send aid to my Mom once in a while.  And above all, we have  two adorable children. We only rayed for one but God is so  great that He gave us a bonus, having a son!  That's about what we have accomplished so far.  This is the topic that couples are taking about at..

Deejay's Tonight... Not!

Jen invited us at Deejays tonight for Shelby's birthday celebration but unfortunately we d chose not to go. Me and EJ are both coughing and we don't want them to have this cold.  It's a shame because I have never been to  that place yet and has been wanting to see what's inside and  taste their  food but this  due to this dang cold, we can't wahhh.. Maybe next time.  Happy happy birthday to you Shelby.  Shelby is a straight As student, very sweet, and a model.  Keep up the good work Shelby!
Picture of Shelby and EJ above was taken last Christmas.  Below was taken last weekend at Dad's house.  Our little Gracie decided to sit inside the plastic jar hehehe.  Gracie is Shelby's sister.
This little Gracie can walk everywhere now, she grew up so fast.
This little man is just very happy to have his favorite snack, black olives.
Have a good evening everyone.  We just came back from my father-in-law's house.  Thank you so much for  dropping by and leaving your trails.