Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Cold!

We tried to go for a night time walk but EJ did not take it very well. He said "I'm Cold" after just a couple of yards so hubby took him home and Rylie, Champ and I went on.

Champ don't mind walking in a freezing night, he love playing in the snow. It's funny to see that when he run in the snow, all you could see is his head lol.
Just a quick update here folks, I gotta go back to my job "unpacking". Oh before I forgot to mention, I really enjoyed all the Digital Photo Cards that we have received last holiday season so thanks everyone for sending us beautiful and personalized cards. It is so good received those stuff, it makes you feel especial hehehe. Hopefully we could make ours this year for the next holiday when we have an ample time to do things. Have a nice day everyone.

Done Arranging our Home office

Wohoooo, I just got done arranging our home office and I am so relieved because it is giving me a migraine looking at the mess already. since my father -in-law gave his computer unit to us, hubby hooked up the one we have at our bedroom so he could use it for his schooling and other stuff and I could use this one (Alone lol). We bought a wireless router to make the internet work at the bedroom without hooking up cable. This thing rocks, now bought hubby and I could work as a team hehehe. Maybe a team management software would make it so much better lol.
I feel a lot better now because after I got done with our office stuff, I cleaned up the basement and put most of the toys down there. I get so tired seeing all the toys scattered here in the living room so I limit what they can play in here, I just retain the books and other educational stuff. Hubby also torn out the boxes and got ut ready for trash pick up day. He tried to just put it out there the other day without proper disposal but the garbage truck just ignored it. Then he research about it online and saw what is the proper thing to do.