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Monday, June 9, 2014

Doodle4Google Winner

The winning design of  Doodle4Google is displayed at Google homepage today (June 9).  The winner this year  is Audrey Zhang from  Island Trees Memorial Middle School, New York.
Daughter  was bummed out that she did not placed during the national round but it was a great experience for her.  We told her that it was her first try and she was very lucky that she was chosen as the state of West Virginia's winner.  Her goal of winning the  education grant for the school wasn't realized but she still have years to try it.
It was hard getting pictures of all of them as  there were so many parents who wants to take  pictures after the ceremony.
This photo was emailed to us by a Google representative.  Thank you!
This photo was emailed to us by a Google representative.  Thank you!
This is Audrey Zhang's Doodles from last year and this year.  The theme is almost the same but this year's  was more defined and has a  lot of characters.   She was the New York's finalist  last year as well and this year, she bagged the  National prize.  Congratulations Audrey!
Here's Ms. Burrito with Audrey Zhang taken at Sheraton Hotel the night after the ceremony.  Ms. B. congratulated her so I took a shot of them.
You can watch the video below as she  helped the team of Doodlers from Google animates her  winning design.

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