Friday, December 3, 2010

Mass Readings

Hello everyone, howdy? I feel like I am floating at the moment. I woke up at 3 am last night and I couldn't go back to sleep. I was worried sick of the event that my daughter has in school today.

The school has mass every Thursday at St. Joseph church which is located adjacent to the school. I like the idea of letting the kids attend mass once a week.  The kindergartner are once again put in the spotlight today.  They did the readings and some presentation.  Here they are lined up, they carried candles as they march  going in front of the altar.
The student choir did great singing every songs.
I was a little far from the procession aisle so the photo below was a little hazy when I zoomed the camera.
They have to go in front t sing a song at the end of the mass.
I took a couple of shots after the mass and before EJ and I headed home.
My little burrito  was getting impatient and keep asking "Is it almost over?"
The church is just 5-7 minute walk from our home so we just walked.
I was focused on recording my daughter that I failed to shift my camera to the kids that she is referring on the paper she is reading.  Oh I am glad that  my daughter is confident and that she  doesn't have stage fright like me.  

Here's the song they sung  at the end of the mass.

Do you feel anxious everytime your kids has to do something?  I do!and I hate it, I am the one that get nervous lol.  Thank you all for visiting and for leaving your thoughts.

Christmas Wishlist

The mail carrier stopped by at our front door today and  left the box of the stuff I ordered from  I ordered a short and  a long sleeve shirt for  hubs.  It's one of his wishlist.  See, hubby is very particular with gifts o I want to make sure that he gets  the  thing that he really like or else he won't use it.  I asked him last week, what he wants and he said he wants some nautica shirts since the nautica shirt that he have  are  getting worn out.

For me, I don't really need anything.  I just  want  us to be able to send some money for my family back in the Philippines so that they would have a decent Christmas celebration.  I seldom send my siblings money but during Christmas, hubby and I   make sure to send them even just  a couple of thousands each.  I don't work so I can't send them millions plus I have 8 siblings so I had to  budget lol.  I am just glad that John is not tight when it comes to sending money to my family.  

Jin us at Couple's Corner for your side of story on Christmas wishlist.