Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green Day

St. Patrick's day was a busy day for us.
  • We attended a mass in the morning at the church
  • We had dental appointments when Ms. Burrito got out from school.
  • From the dentist, we ate at a Mexican restaurant.
  • then we visited my FIL
We all wore green including Champ.
While waiting for the mass to start, we  took the chance to take some photos.  
Ms. Burrito requested for me to  upload  the pictures of her and her classmates on her  Kids e-Connection website so you will see it there.

I thank God that my son did not suffer long from the pink eye that he had a couple of days ago.  Thank you also for your prayers  friends.  I am thankful that I gotta to  talk to my mother on the phone for over an hour.  I am glad that even though we are not rich, we can still  give some help to my family in the Philippines.