Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Celebrants

When I started blogging, for a couple of days I was bummed out that nobody visited my blog and read it. And then Malou told me to visit other blogs that were under her blogroll, so that's what I did. For every blog that I visit, I made sure that read and post a comment to the topics that I like. I love receiving comments so I started visiting those that I always saw commenting and one of the famous on the list is my Manang Dhemz. My first comment I made on her blog is about her paid post of a food contest because her post was chosen the best by the advertiser among others. I also congratulated her about her newly acquired Page Rank from Google (do you remember it manang?) From then on, our friendship have bloomed and now becomes like a sisterhood. I knew from the very beginning that Dhemz is a very humble and down-to-earth person. She has compassion towards other people and have a huge heart. I am so touched when she told me that I am like her sister that she n4ever had. Thank you so much for being my younger sissy Manang. Please help me great the "Ms. Congeniality" in the blogland on her very special day. Happy birthday Manang ko!
When I landed on Pchi's blog, I admired her so much on how she depicts the reality of politics in the Philippines. At her young mind, she is very profound in expressing her opinions. Since then, I became a regular reader of her blog and commenter as well. She used to just focus on writing about politics but I am glad that she incorporated it with personal stuff which made me know her a little bit more. Pchi is also celebrating her birthday on the 26th of this month so Happy birthday!

Another celebrant for this month (28th) is my friend Karen. Me, her and Jane call each other buds. When it comes to craziness, seriousness, and all the words with ness, we are the team - the partners in crime lol. I am slo her daughter's godmommy during her baptism. We left karen in Divine Word, I migrated and Jane transferred to a university school. We miss you so much Buds Ka! Next celebrant to the list is my friend Haide. She was my classmate in College and my usual companion after that. She also took some units for her masters with me. When Haide first met me, she said that she did not like me because I look so suplada lol. But later on she found out that "mabait daw" pala ako nyahahaha.
And the last two especial people who also celebrate their birthdays this month are my sisters Becka and Lyn. I love and miss you guys! May God bless you and always take care of you and your family. Good luck on your pregnancy Lyn! Happy birthday glitters