Friday, July 10, 2009

Anahaw Leaves

My family lives in Southern part of Luzon in the Philippines where the famous whale sharks can be found, in Donsol Sorsogon. My mother wants to live there because she was born and raised in Donsol, she find it very peaceful stay where she grew up. Most of the houses there uses Anahaw leaves for the roofing, only few uses the galvanized iron corrugated ones. Anahaw leaves makes the inside of the house more cooler compared to having a G.I.corr roof. Here are some snapshots of the anahaw leaves that hubby took when I introduced him to this plant. My father planted this before he died.
Have you ever seen an anahaw? I posted a researched details about anahaw at the comment section so you may read it if you are interested. I also found out that aside from fan (product i know out of anahaw) there is still product that you can make out of this leaf. I also would like to add that when I was in grade school we don't have lunch boxes so we were using the baby anahaw leaves to put our foods in, it's our alternative for banana leaves. You might not believe it but its true..


  1. would you happen to know the scientific name for anahaw? How tall does it grow and how big are the leaves? Can you post a photo with a person beside it, please?
    This would be a wonderful tropical effect in a sunroom if it is not too big.

  2. Hi Manang, sorry but don't have any photo with person beside the anahaw.. But I did research about it and here is what i found in


    Being the national plant of the Philippines, anahaw plant has different
    economic uses. Anahaw fan-shaped leaves are used for building house roofs,
    wall covers and fans. In urban areas, anahaw leaves are processed and used
    in both interior and exterior designs.

    The leaves can also be laminated to form unique wall decors. Anahaw trunk
    is used as house pillars, house floors, bows, fishing rods, canes or
    walking sticks, arrow shafts, spear handles and polo clubs.

    Anahaw (Livistonia rotundifolia) is a palm specie reaching a height of 20
    meters. Like most palms, anahaw grows naturally only in forested areas.
    Often planted for ornamental purposes, it is a tall graceful palm with 1 to
    2 meter long fan-shaped leaves which are ascending and crowded at the top.

    Clusters of flowers hang from the base of the leafstalks. The hard wood
    bears small, round, yellowish, and fleshy fruits.


    Extracting a leaf from the anahaw plant is through cutting. Sharp tools
    are used to cut the leaves that are dried for a purpose.

  3. Hello Rose. Good to have you back. Hows your son. Hoping for his early recovery.

    I had seen anahaw. These pictures made me think of how i wished i could retire in the province. Air is fresh and every thing is so cool. I did see anahaw leaves but it was a long time ago.

    Hoping of the best for you and your family. Best regards.


  4. hi rose, we have so many anahaw growing where we lived before back in my hometown. I havent paid a visit in that particular place for such a long time and i wonder what happen to them now.

    My daughter has anahaw fun given to her by a friend who had just visited Pinas and she loves it.

  5. That must be a very sturdy plant. Your photos are lovely.

  6. Hi rose, anahaw is used to make an a fan i think if I am not mistaken.

  7. Just popping in to say hello. Hoep all is well your end. :)

  8. dropping by here, Rose to chck on you guys; hope EJ is feeling better now.

  9. Hi Rose! What is that in the last photo? Is it a floor mat or a wall decor? Either way, ganda sya!

  10. oh my...sad to say, pero I don't na nakakita na ako ng anahaw...hehehhe....wish to see one someday....madami pala yan sa inyo sis? galing naman....mas maganda pa ba yan sa dahon ng coconut? I mean when it comes to using them as a roof....thanks for sharing....:) have visited your blogs...miss hop muna ako before hitting the garden...:)

  11. ang ganda ng tanim nyo.
    btw sis, welcome back to blogosphere.
    hope everything is well na with you and your family. i prayed for your brother.

  12. I haven't seen an anahaw yet but I guess I have seen a product made of anahaw.I hope EJ's fine by now.

  13. We also have this plant here in Indonesia. Thanks for the sharing, dear friend :)

  14. hi. thanks sa pagdalaw.

    iyong bahay namin dati sa batangas ang bubong sasa, parang anahaw din. masarap kase malamig. tapos ang baon namin nakabalot sa dahon ng saging. nakaka-miss din ang ganoong buhay minsan, simple.

  15. Ang laki naman ng anahaw ng nanay mo rose, most of the anahaw na nakita ko sa atin maliit lng, at ang ganda ng pagkakuha. Kumusta na nga pala joops mo? sana okay na. I grabbed your badges na nga pala tsang.

  16. I agree with you hon, the anahaw makes the house cooler compared to house with G.I roofs..

  17. are you referring ba sa bahay na bubong ay pawid. If so, then, cool nga doon but watch out lang sa fire..LOL

  18. Can anahaw leaves may be used to make walls?


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