Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Remembering Grandma

 After attending mass  yesterday, we  went to get my FIL as he wanted to visit  my MIL's tomb.  My MIL could have been 81 years old today if  she's still alive.  I really admire my father-in-law's  love for  his one and only darling wife.
We also visited  my SIL's son Peedee and my BIL Harold.  They are all buried in the same cemetery.
 We were sliding all over the place because it is still covered with snow hehehe.
 Dad said "We made it Hon!"  That kind of  love is hard to find these days isn't it?

The kids  got to visit their late grandma and wished that she's still alive.  Remembering their paternal  grandma is something that we instill to  the kids mind.  Have a happy Valentine's day everyone~!