Thursday, July 31, 2014

11 Years Have Gone By

 11 years have gone by but the pain remains.  How I wish that you are still with us.  11 years today when you suddenly left us but I know that things happened for a reason.  I hope that wherever you are, that you are free from pain and that you are looking over us especially Mama.  I hope that an angel will relay my message to you.  I lo]ve you  and I miss you very much Pa!

Choke Hold

Seeing the news about the guy  who died  because of the choke hold that the police have applied when he   resisted arrest scares me.  I have a lot of respect for the police because  they put their lives on the line  to protect  the people they serve.  Sometimes, accident like this happen.  I think that if the guy  have listened and did not resist the arrest, he could have still alive.  The police on the other hand,   should have listened when the guy was saying that he couldn't breath.

On the lighter note, let me share these random photos that I took  when we were at Oxcean City  a couple of weeks ago.
It's amazing  to see people are swimming already as early as 7  o'clock down there.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

House Repair Money

During the typhoon Glenda, Mama's house  got tore up.  She lives by the ocean so  it is very windy there especially  during typhoon months.
I tried to encourage my Mom to live with my sister in the city but she doesn't want to.  She  is used to living at our old place and she doesn't want to leave the memories that she and my father  have built for years.
My Mom's grandkids.  They visited my Mom during their school break.  Most of these kids  live in Manila.  This is taken in front of my Mom's Sari Sari store.
While eating breakfast, I told my kids that we  need to send my Mom  some  money because her house got tore up during the recent typhoon that hit Philippines.    My son immediately said, "I Will donate $10 off my savings!"   J.Rylie C. said that we should have a garage sale this weekend  and whatever we collect, we will send to "Lola".  My heart melts with my children's compassion.
Mama, with my sisters Mae and Roselle and  my nephews and nieces.
 Come to think of it, a garage sale is a great idea.  We have so many baby stuff from our storage that we don't need anymore.  So if the weather is good this weekend, we will have a  garage sale.  I have never done this before but will give it a shot.  With  enrollment fast approaching and bills piling up, money is a little tight.  Budget crunch!!!
Shadow Shots

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Father's Day 2014

On Father's Day this year, we started our day with a hearty meal that I prepared for my  husband.  We planned on spending the day to the Zoo so we got up early and got ready.
 A simple family photo before we took off.  My son is always  making faces, it frustrates me sometimes because we can't get a good family family  picture most of the times.  Anyway, before we head out to the zoo, we visited my father-in-law first.  We got him a  new flag and a new razor for gifts.
 He was very happy to see both because he   needed a new flag as his old one is all shredded up.  The last time we put a new flag  on his flag pole  was years ago, when my brother's in law was still alive.
 I love it when I see these two so  loving with each other because nowadays, they love to pester each other lol.
 My FIL is a very patriotic man so even if his  eye sight is  slowly deteriorating, he is very proud to fly a flag in his front yard.
 I love this photo  when my daughter gave Dad a hug!
My husband   with Dad.
And the last shot, a family photo.
I will be posting our  Father's Day adventure at the zoo real soon!