Saturday, December 12, 2015

Secret Santa Shopping

Today,  I asked my husband to take a day off.  He is  actually off on Fridays but he  called off work last MOnday because he was  sick.  He wanted to work today so he doesn't have to use his PTO but  I told him that we have some  errands to do.  "Santa" has to finish gathering all the  stuff he needs  before Christmas and so we went.  We tried to  finish doing  our secret shopping  before the kids get out of school.  
We wrapped  some gifts for   friends and relatives and they delivered it today before they went to their piano  lessons.  

While EJ was taking his piano lessons, we drove around Marland Heights and see some Christmas lights.  We were  happy to see that the Marland Heights pool was also lit up.

 I would love to have this in my yard.  I will go to the store when Christmas is over and see if I can find  one like this on sale.  It would be nice to have one next year.