Sunday, July 13, 2008

I am Blessed

I am BleSSed because ... 
I am breathing right now, 
I can hear the birds chirping, 
I can see the butterflies dancing, 
and I am capable to express my feelings in blogging... 

  I am BleSSed because... 
I have food to eat everyday, 
I have water to drink, 
I have clothes to wear, 
and I have a bed to sleep with when I want to rest... 

  I am BleSSed because... 
I have friends to talk to, 
I have a family who loves me, 
I have a kind-hearted-loving in-laws, 
and I have the best honey and cuties in the world! 

  And for these BleSSings...
I thank the Lord for loving me 
I thank HIM for forgiving my sins, 
I thank HIM for giving me strength everyday, 
And above all, I thank HIM for giving me LIFE!

my JoB

My part time job here is awesome! I only work like 16-20 hours a week and it's a stress free job. The only thing I don't like is that there's nothing much to do. I guess I got used to my job in the Philippines where the only break is when you go to the restroom. Student's, teachers, employees, and outside guests were frequently in our office everyday.

But I have to say that my pay in here is more than doubled of what I had with my former job as an office secretary in school. Pretty cool ha! I think I just got lucky hehehe.