Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I miss Pap!

My daughter woke up the other day saying "I'm missing Pap Mom". My heart was crushed, i know that my daughter is so close to her grand father but there's nothing else we can do but to wait till we go back to mainland again. Rylie, misses everything that her and Dad does together when we're still there like putting dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning the floor, sweeping the leaves from the yard and so many more. Poor little girl! Here's Papa and Rylie doing the dishes together. Everytime we call him, he always mention that he misses his love grand daughter whom he calls "baby doll" or princess. This was taken December 2006 in my father in law's house. We miss you terribly Dad Pooch!

different smiles of a year milestone

This photos were taken when our daughter Rylie turned one. She wasn't shy in the camera at all hehehe.. I am glad that we have all these memories captured especially that she is growing so fast. when I look at her now, I miss when she was just starting to coo....
Isn't it cute when they only have two pairs of teeth lol...