Monday, November 29, 2010

New Christmas Tree

We went to Sears last Wednesday to look for a new Christmas  tree.  Hubby got tired of our white x-mas tree so he said that we need to buy a new one.  We chose this Twilight tree with LED  lights because it is suppose to be an energy efficient.  
We let our daughter decide which one should we buy and that's what she picked.  We all liked it so we bought it.

We decorated it today.  I'll post the photos next time.

Holiday Decorating

 For the last couple of days, I spent my time decorating our humble abode for the holiday.  The kids helped me decorating our newly bought Christmas tree.  Please disregard the big bow on the tree, it doesn't belong there lol..
The kids love the new tree as it has a rotator motor that you can plug in. You can see it in the video below.

While my daughter and I were busy decorating the tree, my son  was also busy doing his own thing lol.  He was playing with his holiday train given  by his Aunt Chris, thanks Tita.
How about you guys,  are you done decorating?

Santa's Ski Slope

My sister in law, gave us her Santa Ski Slope which you can attach to your Christmas tree. Since our tree is rotating, we did not put it there.  We did however assembled it just so the kids can play with it.  This activity somehow give them the sense of going  to ski resort hehehe.  They watch and play with this ski slope over and over again.  If you will come to our home today, you will see how happy my son playing with this ski slope.
Here is the  video of these two.


 For some, it's just an ordinary steps, but for us, it is a big part especially with my  kids' milestones.  We used to live in this house, so part of their  memories was created  on this house.  They learned how to climbed here.
 So every time we visit Pap, we always find time to play in these steps.
 You can tell that my kids can't sit still.  Our photos are blurry lol..
Have a great week ahead everyone!