Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trust, Faith, and Loyalty

Trust, Faith, and Loyalty...Ain't these three words rolled into one? In marriage, they say that love is the most important factor to make the relationship last. I agree in some sort but as the author of this meme said, the Love without the three ingredients will result to a chaotic relationship. Love will be clouded with so many doubts if you don't trust your spouse. You have to have faith and loyalty with each other to keep the love stronger.
When I was still in the Philippines and my husband was in Guam, a lot of colleagues were telling me not to trust a sailor like my husband because they say that in every port, they are playing around. I did not listen to them because I trust my husband and I have faith in him. I believed that he is loyal to our relationship and I am glad that all their speculations were wrong.
How about you, what is your take on this?