Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cancer Battle

We visited my BIL the day after Father's day. We were suppose to visit him on Father's Day but his wife told us that he was so sick due to the last chemo that he received.  His battle with cancer is  still not done because even if the big amount of it was removed from his lungs, there still some that spreading  in his liver.  Since they can't do an operation, the doctors are just hoping that  it will be cured through chemotherapy treatment.  
These photos were taken when  he  has still a long hair, after  a couple of chemo, his hair started to fall off so his wife decided to just shaved it off.  He is now bald.
My kids are very fond of Dave because just like my husband, he is also very good in dealing with children.
I hope and pray that the chemo treatment will cure the remaining cancer  in his body.  

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