Friday, February 4, 2011

The Birds Stayed

Good morning folks!
 Took these shots the other day when I played with Champ  at our backyard the other day.  
I noticed that the birds that we used to feed during summer did not leave.
They keep coming back every day even on frigid weather.
I feel bad for these critters.

Benefits of Serving the Military

When I came here in the States and learned all the benefits that  military jobs offer, I was so impressed because it is  much better than the  benefits that the military guys  in my country gets.  My husband said that some people doesn't like  joining the service for so many reasons.  Some  of the many benefits of serving the military is the opportunity to travel in different places, you could be  traveling the world depending on your assignments.  You get to learn different kinds of jobs and when you  retired you get a preference of  government jobs over other  applicants.  

When my husband retired the Veterans Affairs sent him a letter saying that they could help if we will have a trouble keeping up with our loans and mortgages.  They can  give you assistance like  Streamline Refinance for your mortgage and stuff if you  have some  hard time  with your finances.  You can check out if you qualify by visiting and see what other benefits are available for you and your family.   If you need to get  copies of  DD214 forms just visit the link provided and you will see it.