Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Frugal Gardening

Here's what keeps the frugal gardener busy.  Transferring my plants from  our  front walkway to our backyard.  I am done with it now so we are just waiting for the contractor to start with the porch renovation.  Oh, I still have to transfer my roses but I'll wait for the  construction to start, maybe they could help me dig out my thorny roses with their  equipment hehehe.
Here's our vegetable garden looks like now.  The lettuces and the beans are  getting thick and the tomatoes are catching up too.  We put the wire fence around it  to  hinder our  dog from getting inside and tearing up the plants.
New addition to  our backyard.  I dressed up the mailbox we put  there for  the bird and planted  some flowers around it.  I also connected it to the Lilac bush that we planted   there three years ago.
I used  the rocks I found  at the  flower bed in front instead of buying bricks.  Thanks to my SIL for  giving the kids those concrete  car and star molds a couple of years ago.

The only thing I bought on this flower bed is a bag of mulch.  There you go friends, it might not be as fancy as your garden but I am trying to beautify my backyard without spending  too much. I am trying to save some moolah for Tuscany Holidays, opps... you know that I am just kidding right?  What I am not kidding is that, I am  saving for our upcoming getaway next month.