Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paper Roses

I posted some photos of this flower at my other blog and I named her Powder Puff because I don't know the name. Three commenters identified it as three layered poppies. Maybe this belong to poppy family because the way the  bud hang down, it resembles  how the poppy looks like when it's getting ready to pop the flower.
Whenever I see the full bloom of this, it reminds me of the song Paper Roses because it looks like a crepe paper made  flowers hehehe.
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8 Years and Counting

In a couple of months, hubby and I will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary.  I  am  glad that  joining the free online dating worked out for me and him.  We are now happily married  with two beautiful children and I couldn't ask for more.  There are so many couple I know  who found each other through online dating. It's not really impossible to find   someone through the net, you just have to be extra careful when dealing with people  online because  there are also  predators who are just waiting for the right opportunity.

Beat the Summer Heat

You ca beat the summer heat through using replica sunglasses to protect your eyesight.    Summer is all about fun and fashion.  Picture yourself out in the  beach with  a sexy two piece bathing suit laying in the sand  or playing beach ball.  I am so excited with our upcoming trip  next month and I can't wait to meet  a good friend  of mine thru blogging weeee.  I won't reveal the details but the whole family is really excited about  it.