Monday, April 4, 2011

Philippine Products

Below are some of the Philippine products that some of the Filipinoes brought to the multi cultural fair that was hel yesterday at the Millsop Community Center here in Weirton.  First is the  tree made with shells.
A ceiling piece that you can hang in the living room, also made of shells.
A big fan made of bamboo with the Mayon volcano painted in it.
Some shell and wooden product  from the beautiful island of Boracay.
Some small decors made of local products.
A model of tricycle, one of the most convenient form of  transportation.
Below is a local bag made in Bicol (Southern part of Luzon), this was given to me by a close friend when we had our vacation.  Most part of the bag is made of abaca.
Some Philippine traditional costumes.
And Filipina women sporting their  costume.  

I'll post some more photos later on.  Thanks for your visit and comments!


  1. wow! I hope you enjoy the visit in the fair.


    Psychotic Thoughts

    Visiting your lovely blog...

  2. Wow, lots of MAde in Philippines products. Nice to know that they are promoting it here in US. :)

  3. looks like a very fun Philippine Products Fair..

    Our products are unique.

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  4. I like those Filipina blue dresses! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Rose.

  5. Nice Filipiniana stuff they have in that fair!

    Visiting here just to say hello Rose! I hope you had a great weekend!

  6. Very nice handicrafts!..Christine

  7. Oooh, I love the costumes. So feminine and pretty.

    I love seeing the creative projects also.

  8. ay.. love ko yang outfit ni manang.. ahihihi.. sana ikaw din ...

  9. Wow how i wish there are like that here...happy blue Monday...

    mine is here

  10. ang gaganda no? meron ka bang nadala dito? hehehe..

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  11. wow, galing para kang nasa Pinas nyan Rose ah!

    Happy BM. yong entry nasa Mom's Place hehe

  12. ang galing galing time sama ako sau...nyahahaha....:)

  13. I just love the fan. For some reason I have always been fascinated with them. Looking forward to more pictures.

  14. Ang dami ngang native products ng Philippines magandang pangregalo kaya yon pinadala ko dati sa mga inlawas ko..hehe

  15. I would have loved to been with you on this outing. Those are some great finds.

  16. those photos are great, i love the huge fan :)

  17. Pretty philippines made ... i like the tricycle so cute :)

  18. hella proud to be pinoy!

  19. it's great that you have a fair like this one. somehow, this brings Filipinos closer to home.

  20. I love the fan and the tryke.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

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  21. How nice to have an event like this right? Hope you can visit my entry for this week. Thanks!

  22. Love the traditional costumes.
    Happy Blue Monday!

  23. A fun fair, and great photos! Happy Blue Monday!

  24. Great to see Philippine made products being sold in a community based bazaar. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  25. Actually the products aren't for sale, we only brought them for display to showcase the products that we have in the Philippines.

  26. only in the Philippines, Filipinos are really very artistic..visiting from Ruby Tuesday and Blue Monday..

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  27. Love the fan best of all.

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    Do stop by to say hello. Have a super day!!

  28. How nice to see this display of things from your lovely islands, one of the parts of southeast Asia I have not have the privilege of visiting. I have so many friends from there. The only thing missing from all this wonderful photography are the food pictures!!!

    My Ruby Tuesday is at:

  29. That's cool that you have a fair of Philippine products there...I wish there is something like that near our place. If there is, I'll probably buy every food that I like .

  30. that's really nice. Keeping the love alive. Thanks for joining sis.


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