Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Far Away from HOME!

I am glad that my husband's tour in here will soon ends. We can go back to our normal life again in WV where our home is. There's nothing place like home you know. I'm just thankful that we have a stock file of photos that helps ease away our homesickness. We miss the presence of our family and friends back home. Thanks to blogging, I find a way to redirect my sadness into something enjoyable.These photos were taken at the living room of our abode (Feb. 2007)


This picture was taken last year's winter at Dad's front porch where John and Rylie were having fun taking off the icicles from the side of the roof. Those are the things that we miss during winter times. There is a road also that we always passes by when we go to the mall in Ohio that has big Icicles hanging on the rocky mountain. They're beautiful to look at.

I'm Ready

My daughter is 3 and 1/2 years old now and she told us that she is ready to go to school. But she don't want to do it here in our present location, she said she want to go to St. Joseph Catholic School. It is the school in our neighborhood where we used to do our family walk in the afternoon during summer. I can't believe that she remember those stuff that we talked about. It is one good thing about talking to your child about things while they are young. Little by little, you are helping them make their own dreams and aspirations in life. Parent's guidance is very important in a child's growing development.That's the backpack that she got during her birthday. she always fills it with her books, crayons, pencils and stuff while playing inside the house.