Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playdoh Cookies

Two sets of our burrito's playdoh are already hardening up due to excessive air exposure so before it totally gets hard, we decided to mold them into playdoh cookies last Friday.
It's fun for all the three of us because Mr. Burrito was a great help in kneading the dough and Ms. Burrito was in charge of baking it in her "oven". 
I never had these stuff during my childhood so playing with them, I felt like a big kid hahaha.
Here are some of the "cookies" we've made.
We used the empty cookie cans to put all of them.
Now whenever Ms. Burrito wants to "host" a tea party, she has something to serve for a "snack".  So don't let your  playdoh hardened up, make something out of it.