Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2nd Scrimmage Football Game

On August 24th, the Jr. Dons team had their 2nd scrimmage.  They played against the team from   Parkersburg WV.  This team was  way different than the first team they played against.  They were very  respectful  and fun to play with.  The Jr. Dons lost again but  they are getting better.  They played better than the first scrimmage that they had against Steubenville team.  
Football is very big here so I guess, it is  always  every father's dream for their sons to play football.  ?That's the way it is for my husband.  He is always excited for  our son's game.  I guess, it is kind of living his dream through EJ since he never got the chance to play when he was younger.  
Even my daughter is  excited that his brother is playing.  I guess, I am the one who  is still apprehensive about him playing because I am always scared that he is going to get hurt.
They wore their  other uniform which has their numbers.  My son's number is 33.
We are still wondering if he could really see what's going on in the game because he doesn't have his eyeglasses on.  So this weekend, we talked to him sincerely and asked him if he needs a sports google  for him to see better and he said yes.  So we ordered him one but he won't be getting it until the  the  second week of this month.
He is not crazy about the daily practice but he really love football.  The coaches told us parents that they might not be able to win this whole season just because his team are a bunch of kids who just started playing this year.  The teams that they have been playing against have been playing for  few  years already.  But the good thing is that, they would be able to have the experience and see how it feels out there in the field against other teams.
Jr. Dons need to be a little aggressive, right now, they are so gentle when they play.
So other teams are just crushing them but it is okay, it is a learning experience.
It is really fun to watch  these kids play.
Pizza was served after the game.  It is nice that  parents are so involved in this.  We even have  schedule of volunteers to do specific things during the game.
My duty is to wash his uniform everyday because if you don't, it would certainly stink.
The next game was held in Steubenville.  I will post about it next time.