Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ice Rink

After our busy day exploring Chester and New Cumberland, we visited my father-in-law. On our way home, we dropped by at Marland Heights Park to see their progress of the so called plan of tearing the swimming pool down and turn it into an ice rink.  We found out that they haven't started it yet.  
It was nice though because we met with two of my husband's  old friends whom he seldom see.
It would be nice if they can push through with having an ice rink because  there is no one that is near the area.
Anyhow, our Sunday was a busy one.  We were out of  home the whole day.  It was already dark when we got home but it was all worth it as the kids had so much fun!

Transit Bus Ride

Our kids always wanted to experience riding the transit bus here in Weirton. We finally decided to ride it last Saturday.  While waiting for the bus, we took some  photos.
The fare  for each adult is $2 and the kids are free.

Most of the passengers of the  transit bus are the old folks who live in  an apartment downtown.  
We  finished the entire route of the bus so we get to see some parts of the town  that we seldom drive into.  The bus driver was very nice to let us finish the whole laps of his route.
It was a good experience for us, it was  my kids and my first time riding a  public vehicle here in the area.