Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Break Time

I'm just taking a break from the chores in the kitchen hehehe. Hubby is still busy with the Gobbler King, I am done with my task (Lasagna and Pancit). He did all the desserts (Brownies, fruit salad and pumpkin pie), baked the ham, made the green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing and now he is putting the turkey in the oven.... Whoa, I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband like my luvvyduvvyhubby turkey butt lol.. I love you HON! Here are some of the dishes that are ready to munch! First stop is the dessert galore... The mighty brownie...

the famous pumpkin pie

creamyyummy fruit salad

the yakisoba pancit... pangpahaba ng buhay

lasagna ... ready for baking

the spiral glazed ham...

Okay everyone, that's it for now, wasn't able o take photos of the others.. You are all invited to join in our celebration.. Thanks for dropping by and appreciate your comments!

Wide Awake

Holy Molly, its 2 o'clock in the morning already.. I better go to bed, tomorrow will be a very busy day for us.. Thanksgiving day! Thanks to all of you who always drop by at our blogs.. I apologize for not visiting you so often, I tried tonight but look, its already 2 am and I did not able to visit everybody.. I'll make it up to you folks... Good night and have a good time blogging..

locked up

"Hon, she's ready for the Lord's prayer", my husband told me last night. So after I nursed my son, I put him in our master's bedroom thinking that hubby was in the bathroom. I went to my daughter's bedroom and led her the prayer. When we got done, I checked on my son and the door was locked. He managed to push the door lock but he can't twist it. So I called my husband thinking that he was there with our son. But hubby wasn't there, he was in the living room. So I told him what EJ did and we tried his keys but it did not worked. Holy crap, my key to the our master's bedroom was in my purse inside the room. We tried and tried to open it with hubby's keys but nothing happened. So hubby went outside and checked if he could get in the bathroom's window but it was locked. He called the security so we could get the key from the housing. Our son was already freaking out because he realized that he's stuck in there. I felt horrible because I can't do anything to calm him down. I was sticking my fingers at the bottom of the door to let him know I was there, but he kept on crying. Finally hubby, checked on the window in our bedroom and he found out that it wasn't lock so he popped out the screen and luckily opened it. That's when the securities arrived too. I felt relief and so happy that hugged my son so tight and kissed him. Now we learned our lesson, never to leave him alone in the room, we also put the bedroom key outside where we could easily get it just in case the same thing happen again.. Thanks God! Here's EJ's messy face, sooooo ornery!