Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hand and Eye Coordination

Ms. Burrito has a very good hand and eye coordination. She was really good with those games at Chuck e Cheese. Mr. Burrito on the other hand just wanted to insert tokens everytime his sister is done with one game.
Hubby was impressed how good she was in shooting the ball in the basket.
Most  of the frequent visitors to my blog knows that we call our daughter Rylie, but that isn't her first name, it is Jillian.  So our Jillian qualifies for J in ABC Wednesday.  Please click the badge to  play with us.

Make Up Work

When Ms. Burrito got sick, she wasn't able to go to school for a week so when she got well and went to school again, he folder was full of Make Up Work for us to do.  It was a lot of assignments but Ms. Burrito and I together with Daddy did it in one setting, she did not want to do it in installment.

I am very proud of our daughter, she is a hard worker when it comes to  school stuff.
Her collection of pencils at home.  Aside from rocks, she also collects  different kinds of pencils.
After  doing the assignment, bonding time with Mommy!