Friday, July 31, 2009

Look at that MESS!

Yipppppeeee, it is Friday once again. My most awaited moment of the week because it is Mommy Moment Time. This week's theme is about MESS. This was taken during our last day in the Philippines, I went to our kitchen to boil water and then I swept the floor, when came up to our dining room everyone was laughing at me, when I asked them what's funny, they told me to look at my face in the mirror. This was taken last year, my burrito wanted to help me water the plants but instead he watered himself and us lol.. My little princess was 14 months old here, she love watermelon (pakwan). She love to scatter the pots and pans. This is what you eill see in our house if you visit us hehehehe. And of course expect to have a messy face when they were little. See how messy they are, I used to freak out before whenever our house is messy, but now i have learned how to live with it lol.. And for the finale, I want to share this lovely picture of our niece Jen's daughter Shelby. And that's a MESS! Thanks for peeking at my entry guys... To join the fun, just click the button above.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun in the kitchen

Every time I am in the kitchen doing something, either cooking or cleaning up the dishes, the kids are there too. They want to help all the time and keep asking different questions. And because our daughter knows how to operate the camera already, she would always ask for pictures or take picture of us.. Just like these!
Having kids is always fun whenever and wherever you are.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

on food and work sched..

My husband was off today but he is gone tonight wahhhhhhh.. He is working tonight from ten pm to 10 am tomorrow. I am not used to sleeping without hubby beside me anymore. So here I am nageemote hehehe.. Since he did not go to work today, he mowed our grass this morning. Whenever he is outside doing lawn work, our kids are out there too. When my daughter came back, she brought me this flowers that she picked from the weeds. They are weed's flowers but I was happy because I thought that it was so sweet of her. Thanks anak, I love you!Then we made some lumpia, hubby was craving for it. Its been a while since I last made lumpia so that's what we made. Yesterday he was very happy because I made some bicol express.
Some people prefer to just mix the ingredients into a raw gound meat, I prefer it to be sauteed.
Our princess wanted to help of course, so I showed her how to wrap the meat into the lumpia wrapper.
We baked half of the lumpia and put half in the freezer. So here's the baked lumpia, its healthier than frying it.
Alrighty, my back is hurting already. Oh my its midnight already, I just remember that I di not eat my dinner yet. Your visit and comments is so much appreciated, Thank you!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

a ballerina gift set

My daughter is very happy that she finally get the ballerina gift set that Titas Chris and Gail sent her from home. Thanks guys, you made our daughter extra happy for these.
EJ is happy too. Here she is with her ballerina outfit.
EJ want to share the fun so he is trying to put a hairbow on his hair hahahaha,... Poor Joops..

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Steps

Bilis ng panahon noh, it is Friday once again my dear friends. This is probably my favorite day of the week because it is the last day of the week for hubby's work hehehe. And it is a Mommy Moments day, this week's theme is "first step"
Here are my entries. EJ was one year old in here (his first bday). The first time he successfully climb Pap's stairs. With Pap's assistance.. Yipppeee, I think I can do it.... Oppppsss, I can't let go of the crib yet.. See, I can do it alone! Okay I need some moral support from my big dog..
Okay Dad, I am ready! I can't count how many times I got so many scubs on my knees trying my best to walk..
I need more confidence Mom.... I need a little help from you partner.. I think I can climb in this stairs too... Okay Mom, watch me... I don't want to fall.. Okay guys, have fun and thanks for peeking on my entry! If you want to share your memorable mommy moments, join us at The Mommy Journey!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

breaking the sadness

To cope up with our loss, the ocean is the big part for our recovery. We did so much walking in the sand and took lots of pictures of the view, kids playing and done a lot of stuff while were there...
Photo taken with my brother Nick! Thanks a lot guys for visiting and commenting as always!

Legazpi Airport

We took these photos after we checked in at the Legazpi airport. While we were waiting for the PAL aircraft, we consumed our time taking pictures because we may not be there for a long time after this trip. Taken by our daughter, a little bit blurry.
Then we went out again because our friends Lina, Ate Chay and Haide came to send us off hehehe. So clicked again lol. They brought us suman for snacks.
Just having fun while waiting for our flight at the departure area of Legazpi Airport. Good job Rye in taking this one!
Here's our very ornery burrito. Have a safe weekend everyone!