Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snow in Spring?

We woke up early last Friday because I have doctor and dental appointments. When I brought the dogs out for them to do their business, I was shocked to find snow. We got about one half inch thick accumulation. After that, it's been cold for days, no wonder people are getting sick. There is a flu that is going around in the area. This morning, we have frost wahhhhh..
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Canine Sports

For the first couple of days of Spring, we have been blessed with warm weather which we pretty much enjoyed being outside playing with the kids and with our pets. We had so much fun throwing Frisbee with Champ, he loves it so much. I feel bad for Chelsea because we keep her tied up. She is a runner and we let her loose she would try to run away again. Hopefully we could put the fence up soon so she could run around freely too like Champ.

Champ has so much energy that he could play the whole day with the Frisbee with us.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


My daughter love taking pictures of everything especially herself lol. Here are some of her self-take photos. I think when I show this to her when she is and adult already, she would laugh.
Does she have a potential of being a photographer someday?
Have a lovely Thursday everyone! I am off to kitchen and start making our lunch.

Friday, March 26, 2010

He has grown

Looking at this photo makes me miss the time when we first got Champ. Now he is so ornery and big getting into everything lol. In this pic he is so innocent.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A blessing

Children are the greatest gift and blessing from God. A child can erase all our worries and make our tiresome day into a complete fun moment. Above is the angel of our family, Gracie. She gives us a smile all the time. A child for me is a hope, their innocent face promises new beginning.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Joy that pets bring

Having a pet is like having children, it's an continuous expense added to your monthly budget. But the joy that they bring to you or family is worth the price. Here are some joyful moments with our pets.

Our daughter love to cuddle Champ and she like dressing up Chelsea.

Pets are a form of therapy to adults too.
Have a great week everyone!

Artist in the Making

It's amazing how in early age, you can already see the different interest in your kids. Our daughter love arts and crafts. She love to draw and design stuff. She told us one day that she wans to be a fashion designer, and then the next day she wants to be a nurse, and the next different again. Although she isn't consistent with what she really wants, I am happy because in her young mind she is already thinking of the future. She can show her arts in different ways such as the one in the photo. She peeled the clementine with a heart shape. Can you see it?

She was so proud of that.. and I am too!

I will share to you her drawings of dress designs next time, I still have to upload the photos. Meanwhile this Clementine is my entry to:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fly like a Bird!

When we went to the playground on St. Patrick's Day, we were so blessed to see birds. Please click the photo for a larger view.
Wish I could fly like a bird!
Coz then I would be able to see a lot of things from up above.
Wish I could fly like a bird!
Wishful thinking on a Saturday morn! Have a lovely day everyone! Meantime, I gotta go to bed now, its oast 12 midnight whew!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

With Friends

The day after we arrived from Korea, my close friend Raquel who lives close by my FIL's house invited us over for a rosary prayer in her house. Some of the Filipinas who live in Weirton and Ohio came too, so it was a hit of reunion for us since I last saw them. Of course I ate a lot of Filipino foods lol.

Of course when Filipinos get together, foods are always present.. I mean Filipino foods kaya attack agad ako hahaha.. Sa kakakain ko, dessert lang napicturan ko. Wondering what the blue one is, its biko. The one who made it said that the sufgar she used was very light, so para di maputla, she put food coloring in it lol.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I wan't to do it.. MYSELF.

This is how it will end up when she don't get to do what she wants. Whenever she wants something, she wants to do it by herself, sometimes I would let her but whenever it will cause some mess, I want to help her do it.. But. she don't like the idea.. and the end result.. MASSIVE drama telling her Dad that I did not let her do it.

She wanted to slice the cake by herself but I did not let her so she cried.. and cried.. and cried .. lol. But anyhow, here is my entry to MYM. We found some ripe mangoes when we went to the store the other week. It wasn't a Phil. mango but it was good enough to give us some fiber in our body. These are the fruits that you will always find in our kitchen table.

Have a great week ahead folks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot Rods

Both of our kids love going somewhere so travelling with them is not a problem at all unless it will take so many hours. Hubby and the kids are all hot rods or gas butt because they just love to go somewhere.

This battery operated Ferrari is their favorite rides in the basement during winter. (Photos were taken two years ago).

A remembrance of being in Korea. They miss being in the mall there because of the play area.
I snagged these from hubby's blog. These are my husband's car collections when he was a kid, FIL gave it to EJ when we came back from Korea.
These are EJ's collection.

Sweet Rice

I made some sweet rice the other day and the kids and the hubs are pretty happy. They all have sweet tooth so they gotta have some sweets most of the time. To entice the kids even more, I decorated it with their favorite cereal, the fruit loops.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Champ & Chelsea

This is how our two pets acted when they first met. Chelsea viciously attacked poor Champ but of course our little man didn't surrender, he stood his ground hehehe. I guess it's a way of establishing dominance for the dogs. I am no expert about animal so if you know better, you can share it here.
But anyhow, after a day or two, they love each other already. Chelsea was in heat when we brought her home so we put her on a leash so she wouldn't spread out her blood on the carpet. I guess the circumstances somehow taught Champ to be a man .. kind of lol.
I mentioned on my post last week that something had happened to Chelsea. My daughter tried to brought her out on her leash just so she can do her business but she took off and Champ followed her. I tried to trace where they went but I only found Champ. My husband went out and search the neighborhood but he didn't find her either. We though for sure that she was gone, after 5 days a good Samaritan brought her back. Thank you sir for taking time to find Chelsea's home!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My kids has totally different features. Our daughter's skin and eye color is like mine but she look like here dad. Our son,, on the other hand has a lighter skin and has his Dad's eye color but he look like one of my brothers.
Can you see the difference?