Wednesday, March 4, 2009

souvenir from Bali Indonesia

I was busy with my usual early morning chores today when I heard a slight noise on our door. I thought it was just the wind that did it but I checked anyway and I saw a paper bag with something on it. When I opened it, I saw this.. A set of place mats with coasters and chopsticks.A souvenir from Bali Indonesia. This is from Ate Emily again. When her husband came back from Iraq, they went to Bali Indonesia for a vacation. Thanks a lot Ate for always remembering me. Thanks also to Ate Diane for dropping it by in our house. Love you guys. Here are some pictures that she sent me in email..yay I wouldn't dare hold that croc hehehe.


  1. hello rose! i don't think i have the courage to hold that iguana even for just a second :) Emily is a tough woman.

  2. thats the nice souvenir ate,muzta na po ingat nalang always

  3. wow manang...hehhe...daming biyaya mo ah....galing naman...dapat pagbalik mo nang pinas....may pasalubong ka din sa kanya...hehhehe...ano pala pasalubong ni Juan?

  4. mommy rose.. tnx for taking time to visit my page. i appreciate it. tnx for leaving a comment as well ha?

    how was ur weekend? enjoy ba?

    naku saver ka? good for u. hihi. cguro pag naging mommy na ko matututo na din ako mag-save. i wish.

    i'll add ur link to my list ha? hope u do the same. nice meeting u. muaaaaahh! =)

  5. Hi rose, happy trip to you and to the family.

  6. hay naku nwala yong unang comments ko, ang taas pa naman ng tinype ko hehe.
    heto i sshort ko na lang kasi si erik sumigaw na hehe.

    Pag binigay na souvenir sarap yan alagan. ganda pa naman ng view sa bali,

  7. cool naman c: maganda nga daw sa Bali mare c:

  8. I wouldn't dare to hold that Iguana, yikes! You are such a lucky girl, Rose you get a lot of blessing because you are a nice person.


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