Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Cake

My sister-in-law Chris made EJ's birthday cake. Rylie helped her decorate. I just wish I was there to capture the moment. Hubby drove me and EJ home since it was getting late and I forgot to give him the camera when he went back at Dad's to get Rylie and the cake. He told me that Rylie had a great time helping Tita Chris. Thank you so much Chris for being such a wonderful sister-in-law. I always thank God that I have such an awesome in-laws, you guys treats me like one of your own siblings and I could not ask for more!

Here's the birthday boy getting ready to blow the candle.

I thank the Lord for giving me such a happy and loving little man like EJ.

We had so much fun while he was blowing the candle because he doesn't know how to blow in full force hehehe.

Finally with Ate Rylie's help, they successfully did it.

Do you see that the corner piece of the cake is missing already? Well, before the party could even start, EJ was bugging me to give him a piece so after several making kulit, I gave in and sliced him a small piece hehehe. That's how my son's sweet tooth attack sometimes.

Many thanks to Ninang Raquel who took the initiative to take pictures and helped me make maja blanca and puto yesterday. Salamat Manay for being such a wonderful friend, you are always there for us, we luvya! Good luck on your pregnancy!