Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Box Tops Education

Hello there everyone, how's your day today?  We had a rainy day today but the day just passed by so quickly.  We wnet to the courthouse so hubby could cast his vote and we visited Dad for a couple of hours.
Anyhow, you might be wondering about the photo above.  I am collecting box tops labels from  the boxes of cereals, cake mixes, brownies and other  stuff  that offers box tops for education.  My daughter schools participates to this so I am  supporting them.  If you guys want to  help out, you can cut out  BT labels and send it to me, as the box says "it pays to be passinate"  hehehe.  Need to go to bed now folks, lady in red is killing me wahhh..

The Bakers

Here's my SIL Chris and Rylie whipping up some dough to make cookies.  How I wish that I have their passion in baking cakes and cookies lol. Baking is not really my thing, it is always hubby who makes cookies and cake at home.


Would you freeze if you are swimming in the ocean and you see one of this going towards you?  I think the  fear would  drown me instantly lol.  Good thing, this  giant baby was in the aquarium when I saw him hehehe.  How about you?