Monday, October 8, 2012

Magna Cum Laude

 My husband received his transcript of records and diploma few weeks after the  classes has ended.  He is now officially done  with  his BSBA degree with an Accounting  major from Robert Morris University.  He will be attending  the graduation ceremonies next May.  He was awarded  a Magna Cum Laude honor.  We are very proud of you Daddy!
He did not land a job that is related to the degree that he took but it helped him get a job that pays more than an Accounting job around the area.  He chose to work  on a job that is related from  his experience in the military/navy.
 You truly are an inspiration to our kids.
That's the reason why, we are grinning from ear to ear just like this smiley cokie hehehe.
So what is Magna Cum Laude? Scholars define magna cum laude as  a graduate with great praise or great honor. It usually means that you had the second best grades. The highest honor is the Summa Cum laude and the third is Cum Laude.

Hugs and Kisses

When I was still single, I used to think and wonder how it feels to be a MOM. My two younger sister got married before me and I saw how hard it is to do their tasks as a mother and a wife. I thought that I won't be a good Mom because I doubted myself that I would be able to do such things. But now that I am a mother of two, I realized that no matter how hard it is, by just looking at my precious ones gives me strength especially if they are giving me hugs and kisses.
These pictures were taken during the Valentines day of 2007 at our home in WV.

This was originally posted on January 13th, 2009