Saturday, June 19, 2021

Father's Day 2021

My husband  said "Such a Father's day this year!".  I know it hurts him the most when we put one of our dogs to sleep because Bolt was his dog and he was Bolt's chosen human.  We said good bye to Bolt today, we had him euthanized at Two Ridge Veterinary Clinic.  The Lyme's disease got the best out of him.  He lost his appetite and stopped eating.
This will be the first Father's Day that he won't be able to be with us.  I know that he was just a dog but for us, he was like one of our kids.  

We were supposed to attend graduation parties today but I couldn't bring myself to go anywhere.  I hope that my husband will be able to at least enjoy his day tomorrow.
I always tell my children of how lucky and blessed they are to have a Dad like my husband.  He is the most cool Dad to both of them.  He works hard in order to provide them the best  of things including good Catholic education and spoiled them with a lot of things.
Happy Father's Day to you my Love!