Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stuffed Toys

My children have so many stuffed toys given by friends and family   but they are not very  fond of playing with it so I send most of them to my family back home.  That's why I wondered when my daughter told me that she really wanted the Dinosaur stuffed toy that their Science teacher is giving as a reward at their class.  She has been doing extra curricular activities  and  doing extra homework just to  gain the points that she need and she won it.
 I told my daughter that she  learned the lesson of  the value of  her effort.  I said, when you work hard on something, you appreciate it more.  That's why  even though she isn't fond of stuffed toys, this one is particularly special because she worked hard for it.  I told her that it is like that in real life when  she grow up.
Even Mr. Burrito was very proud of her sister's hard work.  Hubby and I told both of them that it is very important to do the best that they can with everything because when they  succeed,  the feeling of contentment and satisfaction is  genuine compared to the feeling of happiness when you get something  that you did not work for.

One specific example that we give them is getting groceries from the store.  With us, we budget  our grocery because we pay for everything, there is no free.  No offense meant for  posting this   but we gave our kids the example of those who have  welfare card.  You can see their   shopping cart so full of stuff in the store and that is because  the  money they are using to pay for it  is  not from their own hard labor, it is a hand me down from the government.  I am not saying this because I am jealous but I am just  stating the fact.  We told our kids that  we might not have   all those expensive stuff but  we are  satisfied of what we have because we  pay for it with our own money.  Money that we work for.