Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bee Sting

Last Thursday morning, Mr. Burrito got stung by a bee or a wasp, we were not sure. He cried and cried. Anyhow, my husband scraped the stinger off with a dull knife. I have learned that if you try to pull it with tweezers, you are actually pushing the poison in.
We gave him benadryl after he got stung and he feel fine. The next day, which is yesterday, I notice4d that it got swollen.  Hubby searched online about  it and he said that some people will swell a day or two depending on his reaction.  
This morning however, it got reddish but our son said that it's not hurting.  We called the doctor to make sure that he will be alright since we are  travelling this Monday.  The doctor gave us a steroid that  he can take for three days.  I hope that the swelling will  go down tonight so he will be fine when we travel.
They played with this girl while we were waiting to be called for our turn at the doctor's clinic.
I am glad that there is a play area at the clinic and this big aquarium that keeps kids entertain.
We got the PA that is very good with kids, so that  loosened up the tension that Mr. Burrito was feeling, he thought he will be given a shot lol.  As of today, the kids weight are 39.2 lbs for Ms. Burrito and 37.9 lbs for Mr. Burrito.
Then we drove to our pharmacy but they were close already so we  went to Rite Aid.  While waiting for our prescription to be filled, we used their free  blood pressure monitor.  My BP was 125 over 78 while hubby  was 135 over 85.
I wish you a happy weekend folks.  We are leaving   Monday but you will see updates in some of  our blogs  as I would be scheduling some posts especially at my Spice Up Your Life blog.