Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My husband is very fond of  Movado Watches . He has one in our display cabinet that he bought two years a go but he never did wear it. I asked him why he is not using it, he told me that it is one of his precious collection. So I think for our wedding anniversary, I will get him another Movado watch that he could use or add in his collections. Now is the right time to buy luxury watches on their site because they have end of the summer sale and hundreds of prices are reduced. And they have a great offer of shipping it for free if you are ordering from United States through FedEx. I have learned that my husband's favorite watch has its own meaning. Movado means always in motion. It has lived up to it's name since its founding in 1881. They are dedicated to producing superior quality timepieces in a classic and timeless style. Movado has more than accomplished its goal. A Movado watch is a symbol of elegance and distinction. The movado watches collection includes some of the most famous timepieces ever made, and it continues to adorn the rich and famous. Movado has a long history as an award winning and visionary watchmaker. One need only gaze upon the distinctive and renowned Movado styles to appreciate the company's hegemony in the world of high fashion watches. With soft, graceful and elegant lines, Movado timepieces evoke purity of design and quality Swiss craftsmanship.  Here is the picture of my husband's  Movado watch .


My luvvydubby called me from work this morning and asked Can you please do me a favor?" I said "Of course, what is it?" Hubby said "Can you make us some giniling for lunch?" "Ahhhh, ok, I'll try.. " i sad. He's been bugging me for this for a long time now but I never did so because I don't know how hahaha. But then again I have to fill my honey's craving so I looked on the net for some recipe's but am not very contented with what I found so I called my Pinay neighbor on how to make it. She said that she usually makes it with ground beef but since I only have ground pork, I am going to try my own hahaha. Thanks Ate Lelet! Now we're done eating lunch and I got an excellent rating from him, even my picky eater (my son EJ) ate a lot. My daughter said "See Mom, everytime I helped you cook, the food tastes a lot better!" I got a good laugh on that one lol.. Here it is tadah!