Friday, March 27, 2009

City Garden - Mabini

We stayed at the City Garden for a day for us to rest while waiting for our flight going to Korea. We love this hotel because their customer service is excellent. We got tricked by the taxi driver and travel agency about going to other hotel when we first arrived in the Phils. I tell you guys about it later. Anyhow, we had a room service for choices of city garden club and pancit canton and corn soup. We decided to just eat inside the hotel instead of going around because it's too hot in there.


  1. nako come you got tricked...kakaloka....pinoy talaga...hehhehe! woi salap nito ah....we can make this at home...hehhee...joke!

  2. i miss pancit sa pinas kakagutom talaga iba pa din kc yung pagkain sa pinas

  3. pancit lutong atin ay masarap yan....


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