Monday, March 7, 2011

Pneumonia, Ear Infection, and Flu

Hello everyone! We had a rough day today (3-7-11). We didn't have a good night sleep last night because Mr. Burrito kept us up. He was pretty sick then Ms. Burrito woke up crying because she was fevered. I was so worried (still am) about them. We did not let Ms. Burrito go to school today and decided to bring them to the doctor once again (for the third time).
Mr. Burrito threw up a couple of times this morning so it really triggered my  nervousness.  
HIGH  fever is dangerous when left uncured.  They both  got up to  105.3 which is pretty HIGH!  This is my  entry to ABC Wednesday for letter H.
We brought them at the doctor this afternoon.  I felt so bad with Mr. Burrito because he was in agony.  They were given  a dose of motrin right away and let them eat some pedialyte freeze pops to reduce their fevers.
The doctor   performed an xray this time and swabbed them both for flu.  We will know the result for flu tomorrow but I am praying and hoping that they don't have it.  Based from the xray, Ms. Burrito is developing a Pneumonia while Mr. Burrito's xray result  turned out fine.  He does however have an ear infection..  Oh boy, I just wish that they could have done the tests since last  visit so that the Pneumonia could have been predicted.  

Instead of amoxycillin, the doctor   prescribed  a much stronger  antibiotic for Mr. Burrito which is the Cefdinir.  For Ms. Burrito's Pneumonia, she has to take  azithromycin.  Ms. Burrito feels better when we came home, I hope that she won't have any fever anymore tomorrow.  Mr. Burrito on the other hand still has a fever.  All of the three are now in bed since hubby was so tired  with no sleep last night.  I am so tired too but I have  some tasks to write so am trying to stay  awake.
Thanks to all who keep our burritos in their prayer, please continue to say a prayer for them.  Thank you all so much for your concerns, well wishes, and visits.  


This is the treat bag that Ms. Burrito got during their St. Day celebration.
I was one of the school room Moms so I got to witness their celebration.
As you ca see, Ms. Burrito wasn't in the mood to smile.  She got fevered after that day.  She woke up with a high fever again today that's why we did not go to church.