Sunday, August 25, 2013

Busy Weekend at the Cottrill's Household

I got a busy weekend again.  I started my early Saturday morning vacuuming the floor while my husband  was cooking  breakfast for us.  Then I dusted our furniture  while  the washing machine was running.  I did not even  notice that my 6 year old  took pictures of me while I was cleaning, thank you Anak!
After the cleaning was done, I decided to start arranging  the 1k+ printed photos I order a couple of weeks ago.  I am 70 percent done with it, I just have to  do the scrapbook for  my son's Kindergarten adventures  and some of our travels and I will be done..
Today, we woke up early, planned to go to church but ended  up not going but instead we went to the  lake and had so much fun catching craw gifts.  I will post about it next time.  Have a great week ahead folks.  Thanks for  dropping by and for leaving your trail.