Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Gifts #Clothing

Clothing is one of the gifts  that I always get  for my kids.  It's  for practical reason that I do that.  I mean, they use clothes all year long so you can never go wrong with clothes.  Anyway, I let them open some of the gifts yesterday, I know that it's early, but I wanted to make sure that  they like it so I still have time to    replace it  if they don't like it or it doesn't fit right.  

They were so excited and I  am so glad that everything that  me and hubby got fits them so well and that they love them.  Hubby and I picked some  outfits that they can wear for  Christmas as they are part of the Christmas Pageant at church on Christmas Eve.
My son  is very excited   to wear this on Christmas.  These are now  washed, ironed, and ready to be worn in two days.
Hubby went to the store today and he said it's chaotic there.  He got me my new  PC, weeeee, thanks Santa!