Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Naps After School

 My son has been taking naps after school.  He seldom  takes nap before he started going to school but now, he regularly does.  This is the way he wants to lay down, if I set his legs  straight on the couch, he would just go back to his  position.  
He did not go to school for two days now because he is coughing.  He woke us up  late last night  because he couldn't sleep.  We are giving him meds for his cough and hopefully, he will feel better soon.    

Project Runway

Do you watch the "Project Runway" television show?  My daughter love watching it and she got me addicted in watching it as well.  Aside from   the  fashion clothes that the contestant has  creating,  my  daughter also love to see the  fashion shoes that the models are wearing in the runway.  My daughter is definitely a girly girl because she love watching   cooking and fashion shows.  She love to dress up and sometimes would  use my high heeled shoes  in would model in front of us lol.
That's one reason why I bought the Blowfish  shoes  from Infinity shoes because we recently bought her a shoes and I found one that matches hers.   You can see the similarities of our shoes at the  above photos.  I like  the style and design of the shoes I bought, I just wish that I have found the right fit for my  feet.  Their smallest size  is 6 so it's a little bigger for me.