Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's Day 2019

I have  not blogged in  more than two weeks due to  our children's school activities.  We have been traveling  since the last week of  April.  Although we were back home on the second week of May, I haven't  gotten my mojo back.  I feel very drained and unmotivated to even write a post.  Anyway, Mother's Day was a blast.
 My husband cooked breakfast before we went to church, our kids served at the mass.  Then we came home after the mass  and took some family pictures before we went to the restaurant to eat.
 Our  kids sure have grown  so much.  Our  daughter has been studying for his finals.  This week will be her last week of school so we pretty much  spent our  evenings studying.  She  took some   placement tests to determine the subjects she will be taking in High School. 
While waiting for our daughter, my son and I had sweet moments.
 He might be as almost as tall as me now but he is still my baby.  He's very affectionate and not afraid to show  what he feels. 
 I live for this moment right here.  They seldom wants to be photographed these days but when he is goofing off, we take  the chance to capture it.
 Hubby and the kids took me to Chinese restaurant and we had our favorite dishes.
 They got me  some chocolates.
Usually, I get a pot of mini rose for special occasion but this year, I got an orchid.  I think my husband  saw how happy I was to successfully grow an orchid  and see it bloomed so he added another pot  for me to grow.  
Motherhood taught me so many things.  Being a stay-at-home-mom is a  great blessing as I get to witness all my children's  special moments and milestones.  I will be forever grateful to my husband for allowing me to be  with them everyday.