Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grocery Day

Some of you might have seen these photos already as I posted it in my Etcetera blog last year. These were taken at the Commissary inside the base in Korea. I miss shopping there because all the produce are really cheap compared to the stores in here. Hubby and I can buy a pack of pork ribs for just a couple of dollars but over hear, you will shell out 8 dollars to buy a decent one.

But anyhow, since I don't have any pictures of us in the grocery store over here, I decided to use these photos for the them at Mommy Moment this week.

Sometimes people would look at me like I am sort of weirdo or something when I am taking photos but what the heck, I don't care because I really want our kids to remmeber everything that we do together as a family.

Coke Refinery

These were taken a couple of weeks ago when we visited our niece in Follansbee. There is a Coke Refinery on the way so I took some shots. The kids love the flames that is coming out from the torch (not sure if that's what you call it).
It's hard to take pictures when the vehicle is moving so photos here were not as great as I wanted it to.
Happy Sky watching everyone.

Plates with Wrought Iron Caddy

A very good and thoughtful friend sent me this beautiful beautiful set of eight 6" plates with with wrought iron caddy that she bought from CSN stores, thank you so much sis Dhemz! I know that you don't have to really give me something because it was your prize but you included me in your winning anyways.

I so love this because every time I am teaching my daughter with our one-on-one lessons in the dining room area, I always see this pretty set in our China Cabinet. Aren't they lovely?

My husband said that I should look for some saucers and plates to match this set so I browsed through CSN's robust selection and found this Mikasa Indigo Bloom Rectangular Platter which is also available in oval shape. These would be perfect to match them.