Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do today what you can do for Tomorrow

My mother taught me a very good lesson when I was growing up.  She always does things  in advance.  I remember asking her once, "why can't we just do it tomorrow?"  She told me that we should always try to do the things that we can do  for today instead of waiting for tomorrow.  I am like that when lazy bug is not with me lol.  With hubby, he is a work ethic man so I never had any problem of procrastination with him.  But all of us I guess have moments where we doesn't feel  like  doing anything.  Sometimes it is better to put off the things that we can do today  especially if we like we will screw things up.  


Good morning/evening everyone! How are you all doing? My son and I just finished eating our breakfast. Hubby and daughter are in school.

Lately, our daughter has this attitude whenever she gets home from school and hubby and I are getting worried about it. We talked to her yesterday and told her that if she doesn't quit doing that, we will have her take some time off from school. I am not sure if that's the right thing to say to her but it seems to work. Before she left this morning, I told her that there should be no more attitude when she comes home from school and she promised that she won't do it again.

I am torn about this because I feel like I am failing my job as a Mom in teaching my kids the right things. I don't want to think that her peers in school have some kind of influence to this attitude because I talked to the teacher and she said that Rylie is doing an excellent job in dealing with other kids. So I don't know where the problem lies. Is it from us? Your honest opinion is greatly appreciated!