Tuesday, August 30, 2011

God's Marvelous Gift

Life is not always a bed of roses
In my experience, it is full of surprises
You'll win some and you'll lose some.
Be prepared, be strong, and be resilient
Because when test strikes, it hurts like a spike.

People can be wicked at times
Exercise forgiveness and don't hold a Grudge
Because even in Grandeur times
You will experience Grief and disbelief
Hold on and have a tight Grip on your faith
Life GOES on and we must move on.

Exercise love not hate
Be Grateful for all the grace you receive
Express your Gratitude and appreciation
We only have one life to live
We must enjoy GOD's marvelous gift!

Rose C.

"Somewhere along the course of life
You'l learn about yourself and realize
that there should never be regrets
But a lifelong appreciation of the  choices you made.

-Nuggets of Wisdom-

PS.. You are most welcome to critique and point out grammatical error.