Saturday, May 1, 2010

Burn.. Relieve.. Enjoy!

I mentioned the other night on my "Dose of exercise" post that I had a walk with my husband at Marland Heights when we visited my FIL the other night. We left the kids at Dad for a while and we went for a walk.

Now that I am blogging, it motivates me more to go for a walk all the time just to shoot for things that are pleasing to the eyes plus you burn calories you know (wink)..

Just look at the combination of that white and pink flowering tree, isn't that gorgeous?

Hubby and I saw this white trellis (is that what you call it? am not sure) and we thought of taking our shadows in it, do you see it?
Hubby and I find this swing extra unique, don't you?

Walking is not only a stress reliever but also helps in burning those extra pounds in those unwanted areas in our body so get up, grab your camera, go for a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature!